We have two different tracks at VidCon Europe! 

  • The Creator Track brings together some of the leading creators and experts to provide hands-on training in building your channel, making better videos, and working with brands. In addition, it includes attendee-driven birds of a feather networking sessions on topics focused on specific genres of videos and creator-specific issues. Finally, the Creator track includes inspirational talks from the world’s top video creators. Each session will bring you tips, tricks, secrets, and insights never before revealed in public from our top experts.

  • The Industry Track brings together the top creative, audience, and revenue growth experts in the world to share their secrets. Every one of our speakers will be sharing insights that they’ve never revealed before. Our top digital leaders will be sharing strategies for success that will inspire you to build your own success, and top execs from the leading video platforms will be presenting and answering your questions as well.